How exciting you have been asked to be a bridesmaid! Now what? Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a great honour. But what does your job involve to make the day magical for the bride to be? We explain how to be the perfect bridesmaid and how to make the day one never to forget.

Be Comfortable:

First things firsts think about comfort on the morning of the wedding. You all need to wear something comfy when you’re sitting around and getting your hair and makeup done. It should be relaxing and a bit of fun, so wearing something comfy is super important. An outfit that you can slip off, instead of pulling it over your head so you don’t wreck your hair and makeup. Your bride may have already thought of it, but why not grab some matching gowns for all of you? Of course, the bride wearing white and the girls wearing whatever colours they desire. That way you are all super comfortable, look cute, and the photos will look amazing if you’re all matching wearing the same gown. It’s not always about comfort but about looks as well!

Be comfortable as a bridesmaid

Hair and Makeup Done Right:

Make sure your hair and makeup is done right. On the wedding day, the bride might be running around and a little bit flustered and nervous. As a bridesmaid, you want to make sure that the morning flows and runs smoothly. The bride should have already talked to the hair and makeup artists about the schedule of the day, but sometimes time gets away very quickly. If the hair and makeup artist has allocated a specific time, just make sure you are ready to go. This will result in a morning that runs smoothly rather than the hair and makeup artists waiting for you and then running out of time.

hair and makeup for bridesmaid

Surprise your Bride:

Surprise! A gift or surprise for the bride can add a special touch. The bride’s gone to all this work making her day magical. Have you thought about buying a little gift for her just to say thank you for having you a part of her special day. Something to help those nerves ease and make her feel extra special.

wedding gift from bridesmaid

Pop a Bottle Of Bubbles:

A must on the morning of the wedding is have a drink (if you can of course). And we don’t mean get super intoxicated before you all walk down the aisle. But popping a bottle of champagne shared between you is a bit of fun. Have a drink, relax and loosen up a little before you walk down the aisle. At the end of the day, it’s just a fun thing to do, and you can get some awesome photos of you all popping the bottle of champagne and clinging those champagne glasses together.

Pop a bottle of bubbles

The Wedding Dress:

A huge part of the day that a bridesmaid needs to help out with is putting on her wedding dress. So when the time is right, making sure that she feels comfortable and you are all there to help her put on her dress. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and something that is super important to every bride. Her hair and makeup is done, everything is ready to go. This is the last thing she needs to do before she walks down that aisle and becomes a wife.

brides wedding dress

Have FUN!

Lucky last, is do not forget to have fun. Everyone wants to be lively and fun. Have a joke, hug, sing, have a dance and make it an enjoyable experience. The bride is only going to get married once and as bridesmaids, you are there to make this experience amazing and magical. It can be a tough job, but it’s also a rewarding and fun job. This is the time that you get to spend with the bride before she walks down the aisle and is given away to her new husband. She has chosen you as a bridesmaid for a reason and for all of you, it will be a magical day that will stay in your minds forever.

bridesmaids having fun