Trying new things is fun and exciting, well, most of the time. But there are times in our lives that we need to avoid trying these new exciting things. Especially before your hair and makeup application for a wedding, formal or special occasion that you may have coming up. Every lady wants to look amazing for their wedding, formal, or a special occasion. Unfortunately trying something new that you have never tried before is not always a great idea to do just before your big event. If you want to be daring and try something new, whether it be a new hairstyle, product, or even a new look. We would recommend doing it a few months before your special occasion. This way you avoid something going drastically wrong. Here are some beauty treatments that you should avoid just before your hair and makeup application and special event.


The first tip is getting a microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion’s are fantastic, but what they do is remove the top layer of your skin. What this does is gives you more healthy, glowing skin. If you get this done a few months before your event it will be fine. But after you get a microdermabrasion, there are some side effects. These side effects could be redness to the skin, flaking and dry patches. This is something you don’t really want on your big day. In conclusion, if you are going to get a microdermabrasion make sure that you get it a couple of months before. Avoid having one a few days before your hair and makeup application for your special event.


Freshening up your hair:

Our next treatment to avoid is changing or freshening up your hair. As a woman you may want beautiful looking hair for your special occasion. But just be careful not to go and drastically change the colour of your hair. Or get your hair coloured a day or two before the special occasion. When you colour your hair it does take time for that fresh colour to sink in and look natural again. If you do go in for a freshen up, make sure it’s at least a week or two before your special occasion. Try not to have it done the day before just in case something goes wrong or it’s looking a little bit too unnatural.

Fresh hair and makeup application

New Hair:

Next up, is completely new hair. This is not a great time to be trialling a brand new hairstyle. For example, if you have really long hair, we wouldn’t recommend you go cut it all off just before your special event. Make sure that you’re keeping with something that you’re familiar with just in case you do not like it. Then you can’t go back! If you do want to cut all your hair off, maybe do it just after your special occasion rather than just before.

New hair and makeup application

Fake Tan:

Every girl wants that sun kiss glow. But using a fake tan product when you have never used one before can turn into a disaster. If you want that beautiful glowing tanned look, we would recommend trialling it a month before the wedding or special occasion. This way you can make sure they have used the right colouring to suit you. Or if you were doing it yourself, you have the right product. We do not recommend using something new or going to get a spray tan the day before your special occasion. Go a month or two before to try it out to see if that’s the look that you want, because you might want to go a little bit darker or lighter. This will give you the time to figure out exactly what you want. As a result, you will have that beautiful sun-kissed glow on your day.

Fake Tan


When we have a special occasion coming up, we get a bit stressed, nervous, and lots of emotions are running through us. This seems to be when we get those spots and dots on our face. Yes, pimples.
They always seem to come up just before our hair and makeup application for your big event. What we want to avoid is picking at them. Just leave them be, as they may become worse the more you pick at your face. Even trying a new miracle product that states it will get rid of your pimple straightaway is a bad idea. Trying something new that you haven’t used before might actually worsen your skin.

popping pimples

New Skin Care Routine:

Same thing goes for your skincare routine. This is not a great time to switch up a skincare routine. You want to be using beauty products that you are familiar with. So a week before your special event, you don’t want to go buy a whole new beauty and skincare range that you’ve never before. Imagine if you had some type of reaction or it didn’t agree with your skin type. If you want to try a new skin or beauty routine, I would recommend doing it a few months before your hair and makeup application for your special occasion. Or doing it when it’s all over.

skin care before hair and makeup application

To sum it all up, don’t try anything new before your hair and makeup application for special occasion. It’s not to say, if you do want to try something new go ahead but maybe make sure you do it a month or two before. That way if you do have a reaction or you don’t like the way someone has done something, you will know and you won’t feel self-conscious about it on your special day. Just be aware of what to avoid to avoid being disappointed and experiment after or months before the big day.