We all dream about having glowing skin and being our best selves. What if we told you it’s not just about what you put on your skin but also what you put into your body? We have put together a list of superfoods that will help your skin glow and make you look fabulous. We’ve talked about skincare routines to make sure that you are cleansing and moisturizing and making sure that your skin is being treated well and to keep it in great condition. So now we are going to be talking about the foods that you can eat so you have glowing skin.

Green Tea:

Green tea is full of antioxidants and is a calming tea, so it will do wonders for reducing skin redness. Secondly, not only is it great for your skin, but it is fantastic for your whole body.

green tea for glowing skin


Walnuts are another great superfood that is fantastic for your skin. It is packed full of omega 3 essential fatty acids, which helps improve your skin’s elasticity. Similarly, it contains copper, which helps with your natural collagen production. This will help tighten up your skin and make it look plump and beautiful.



Salmon also contains omega 3 which is really great for your skin and has natural anti-inflammatory properties to reduce inflammation.

salmon for healthy glowing skin


Ginger is usually used to help calm and detox our bodies. It does the same for our skin by pushing out and cleansing our body from toxins. This in return gets rid of any poisons that are built up in your skin by clearing it out and making it glow.

ginger for glowing skin

Sweet potatoes:

Sweet potato contains a large amount of vitamin A. In fact vitamin A reduces oil production which will prevent any blemishes in the skin.

sweet potato for healthy skin


Avocados have lots of vitamin E which helps with healthy skin cell function. This is beneficial as it slows the aging process of cells. Which means you will look younger for longer.

avocado to help glowing skin


Everyone knows that leafy greens are good for our bodies. But it is also good for our skin and is a great antioxidant, which will help reduce skin inflammation and even out your skin tone.

spinach for your skin


Chocolate! Everyone love chocolate and yes, it is on the list. But we aren’t talking about milk chocolate or white chocolate. We are talking about 70% cacao chocolate. Chocolate is full of antioxidants, which also helps reduce skin inflammation. So when your skin is quite red and puffy, it helps reduce that and settles it all down.

chocolate for a natural glow

Chia seeds:

Chia seeds are great! You can either sprinkle it on your breakfast or put in your smoothies. They are full of omega 3 fatty acids. So again, it helps build strong skin cells, plumps it up and boosts new collagen production.

chia seeds for your skin


Quinoa is fantastic for your skin’s elasticity and the production of connective tissue. This will help with any fine lines and wrinkles. If you have more mature skin and you increase your quinoa intake, you will find that those fine lines and wrinkles start to diminish.



Now what tomatoes do is they protect your skin from the sun. If you eat lots of tomatoes it will help with any sun damage and help protect your skin from the sun.



A nice healthy bowl of oats or porridge in the morning, or popping a handful into your smoothies is a great way to help reduce pimple growth. Anyone that has younger skin that is acne-prone skin should eat oats. It will help reduce pimple growth and help your body’s production of hormones.

oats for your skin

Given these points, why not make an awesome bowl of porridge with your walnuts and your chia seeds. Drink your green tea and for lunch make a tomato, quinoa and spinach salad. Turn these superfoods into meals and why not have all of them. Trial it out for a couple of weeks and see if your skin improves. You might be quite surprised at how eating these omega 3, fatty acids, anti-inflammatory, Vitamin-rich based foods. Ultimately they will change your skin and not only your face, but your whole body so that you have beautiful, healthy, glowing skin.