As a wedding makeup brisbane based artist we often get asked what Airbrush Makeup is, how it works and is it better then brush on makeup for your wedding day. Airbrush makeup has been used in the TV and Film industry for a long time. It has now become very popular in the wedding industry, formal makeup and for all occasion makeup jobs. As it is new to these types of jobs, most women have not heard of it or know what it is. Here is some information for you to gain some more knowledge, and help you become an expert too!

Airbrush makeup is a technique where the foundation is sprayed as a fine mist onto your face. An air compressor is connected to an airbrush gun, which is controlled by the artist to release the product. The artist can also adjust the amount of product being applied to the face and neck. Airbrush makeup is beneficial for wedding makeup, formals and special events for many different reasons.

Here the Perfectly Beautiful team will explain why.

It is a lot more hygienic, as the artist does not have to touch your face and no brushes are used to apply it.


The application is less time consuming as there is no need to blend the foundation and the application takes less time to apply. There is also no need to clean brushes in-between clients, so this saves time when working on larger parties.

You can choose your foundation coverage! Because the product is being sprayed onto the face we can build the product up by layering. This gives you the option to have a light, medium or heavy coverage.

Airbrush System

It is long lasting. There are three different types of airbrush makeup, which will be explained below. One of them is silicone based, this type of foundation prevents your skin from absorbing the product. Your makeup will last you the whole day and night or even longer if you leave it.

Your skin will appear more flawless and have an even coverage. There are no brushes, so this means no streak lines. The product sits on top of your skin so won’t sink into any fine lines or wrinkles, which will give you smooth looking skin.

Bride and Bridesmaids

The product feels lighter on your face, so you feel like you’re not wearing anything at all

Now I’ve pointed out the great benefits of airbrush makeup, I’ll give you a quick run down on the different types of products and what they are used for.

Water Based

It is a lighter foundation and has a matte finish. Your skin needs to be super clean before application and no products other then water based are to be used on the skin before. Water based is great but is not as commonly used.

Silicone Based

This is the top selling and most used foundation base. It gives a flawless look and a glow to the skin. This product is still thin yet has a great coverage and blurring effect on the skin. You are also able to use any products to prepare the skin before application.

Alcohol Based

This is used for special effects or tattooing application for film or photography. This product will cover up tattoos, cover body imperfections and is a heavy product. It should only be used on the body and never the face.

Now you have gained a bit more knowledge about Airbrush Makeup in the industry and have become more of an expert. You can now decide if you would like to have your face airbrushed for your wedding makeup, formal makeup or special event. We hope after reading this you have learnt a bit more about exactly what airbrush makeup is and how it all works!

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